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Paul Weiss we miss you and Happy Birthday!  Shalom!

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Jochen Gerz: The Gift

It’s nice to know that my portrait is at SFMOMA- third row,  fourth from the left, thanks to Jochen.  My “Gift”, the mystery portrait (below) serves as My Muse and wards off evil spirits in my studio.  My Muse has been an inspiration … Continue reading

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Finally a new web page for Terry

  Take a gander at my new web page            

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I wish all that I learned today was just an April fools joke, but it wasn’t.  You can’t take away my memories of watching her that day as she walked us about her home introducing us to the treasures that filled … Continue reading

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Donny Chin Seattle’s Unsung Hero

I had just received a blog post from Pam of fame and her red photo hit me. Hey I know that dude,  that’s Donny in Seattle. No don’t tell me… yes it was a memorial honoring him. I flashed … Continue reading

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My Lady Eva Zirker!

Unforggetable is what you are…and will always be Eva Zirker… Thank you for inspiration,  honesty, wit, humor,  intellect but most of all the DANCE! Affectionately from your generations of fans around the world! We will miss you!

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“Her House… Tahanan… Her Room…”

Tahanan / tah-HAH-nahn / n. home  as defined in my trusted Pilipino-English / English- Pilipino Dictionary that sits atop my aging Random House Dictionary to my right on my desk is the easiest way for me to open up this … Continue reading

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