“Her House… Tahanan… Her Room…”

Tahanan / tah-HAH-nahn / n. home webDavisHouse

as defined in my trusted Pilipino-English / English- Pilipino Dictionary that sits atop my aging Random House Dictionary to my right on my desk is the easiest way for me to open up this blog.  After two years of working on this show at “The Luke” I am in the process of trying to write an Artist Statement aka Credo about the piece. But hey I’m a visual artist not a writer so it’s coming about a little baliktad (backwards).  The visual work is done but the story continues to unfold. There’s always some gago/a who will ask Q. “How long did it take for you to do that?” A. “A few decades…” I would reply.  Being an Artist is such an arduous process, the longer you do it the longer it takes and the more life experiences feed the work. I’m talking the truly creative people: the Visual Artists, Writers, Dancers, Musicians who work on their craft their entire life time.  web.Tah2studioThe average person, the non-artist thinker doesn’t quite understand this eternal process and would rather go to You Tube then go to a museum, a live performance or  a reading to experience “Art”.  I suppose the world is so full of instant gratification seekers and attainers that the diligence it takes to write a letter or draw is now lost.  web.TahananMaquetteWLuke.TAD_3After all there is a font that can produce your words in longhand and you can always reproduce a landscape into a drawing using an “app”. web.TahananMaquetteWLuke.TAD2. Anyway now that I am ranting I will go to my journal and write about the work and for now show you the visuals that I created for the Contruct/s exhibition at Seattle’s “The Luke” that will be up for a year.  Wow that gives me some time…


About Terry Acebo Davis ARTIST

Studio in Palo Alto, California
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