Somewhere over the rainbow…

Paul Weiss we miss you and Happy Birthday!IMG_0315.CR2img_7726Version 2IMG_0272.JPG  Shalom!

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Jochen Gerz: The Gift

jochen-gerz-the-gift-sfmoma2008-09It’s nice to know that my portrait is at SFMOMA- third row,  fourth from the left, thanks to Jochen.  My “Gift”, the mystery portrait (below) serves as My Muse and wards off evil spirits in my studio.  My Muse has been an inspiration in my own work and led me to…

making this piece below…thanks whoever you are, rumor has it that you are a conceptual artist too! I hope we meet one another some day.


Everlast, 2009  in the exhibition Tri-age at the Triton Museum  Santa Clara, CA

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Finally a new web page for Terry


Take a gander at my new web page


Then and











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IMG_42192015SunflowerTAD2015PaulaK&Obama IMG_5223.JPGIMG_7997

I wish all that I learned today was just an April fools joke, but it wasn’t.  You can’t take away my memories of watching her that day as she walked us about her home introducing us to the treasures that filled every space.  She stopped and went to a special shelf caressing each piece of sculpture whether it was porcelain, marble, bronze, ceramic, or wood… it was a delicate “being” of an object.  Each piece represented a special friendship, a longing for that special moment she once shared with each Artist.  She smiled my way as she went into the next room with another colorful story to share.  Time stood still that day.

FYI  The quote is the title of Lawrence Weschler’s book about Robert Irwin.  No doubt, she probably knew him too…

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Donny Chin Seattle’s Unsung Hero

I had just received a blog post from Pam of fame and her red photo hit me. Hey I know that dude,  that’s Donny in Seattle. IMG_6812No don’t tell me… yes it was a memorial honoring him. I flashed back to Seattle just a few months ago in May installing my exhibition at the Wing Luke Museum and while on a break I strolled around the building I noticed signs in the alleyway. I normally don’t walk down alleys but this one seemed friendly. I spotted one of the Museum staff members having lunch inside this curio shop, so I knew this had to be a great place and a good person owned it as I was beckoned into the store. The stories and the Asian “bric a brac” as Mom would say drew me back a  half dozen times as I found things to add to my installation and best of all talk story with Donny.  He gifted me the giant Filipino wooden spoon since he said he couldn’t find the fork.  I was very proud to display it knowing it would bring good luck. On my visits to Donny’s store I found out that he was a Paramedic that started his own ambulance company here in Chinatown aka The International District. He explained to me that when the Asian elders in the community would call 911 for help that it took too long for the other ambulance companies to get there due to the language barrier and all.  As a result many of “our elders would die before the Emergency crew could get here”. This was happening far too many times, so he started his own fleet of Emergency Responders IDECInternational District Emergency Center based in the neighborhood. He himself trained his teamwebSowallTahanan, members of the neighborhood, who were now able to save lives, could be their cousin, best friend, auntie in need of their care. His neighbors, friends and family were getting the help they deserved thanks to Donny’s vision. I was so impressed by his grassroots activism that I went home to tell friends at Stanford about him.  Being an emergency room nurse myself, it was easy to share stories while others would lose their lunch listening to us talk shop. He went on to tell me about these beautiful red bricked buildings that once belonged to his family including the historical grocery store that was a part of the Wing Luke Museum tour. Donny explained that his family were long time merchants in Seattle and that his grandparent’s generation were the pioneers that formed the Asian community here in the Northwest. Aside from the history of the neighborhood he told me the best places to eat. Donny promised me that he would come to my exhibition and he did. After meeting Donny Chin, others told me about his many contributions to the community, his dedication to people of all ages who held him on a pedestal, this humble guy. I was surprised and saddened to hear of his mysterious passing, caught in the crossfire. Convinced that only the good die young, I felt blessed to have had the opportunity to meet  and talk with Donny and to learn of his legacy. I will remember your ability to talk story, your humor, and your passion to serve.  May we all learn from you and continue to fight for justice in our neighborhoods  and for the disenfranchised wherever and whomever they may be.  Amen

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My Lady Eva Zirker!


Unforggetable is what you are…and will always be Eva Zirker…

Thank you for inspiration,  honesty, wit, humor,  intellect but most of all the DANCE!

Affectionately from your generations of fans around the world!

We will miss you!




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“Her House… Tahanan… Her Room…”

Tahanan / tah-HAH-nahn / n. home webDavisHouse

as defined in my trusted Pilipino-English / English- Pilipino Dictionary that sits atop my aging Random House Dictionary to my right on my desk is the easiest way for me to open up this blog.  After two years of working on this show at “The Luke” I am in the process of trying to write an Artist Statement aka Credo about the piece. But hey I’m a visual artist not a writer so it’s coming about a little baliktad (backwards).  The visual work is done but the story continues to unfold. There’s always some gago/a who will ask Q. “How long did it take for you to do that?” A. “A few decades…” I would reply.  Being an Artist is such an arduous process, the longer you do it the longer it takes and the more life experiences feed the work. I’m talking the truly creative people: the Visual Artists, Writers, Dancers, Musicians who work on their craft their entire life time.  web.Tah2studioThe average person, the non-artist thinker doesn’t quite understand this eternal process and would rather go to You Tube then go to a museum, a live performance or  a reading to experience “Art”.  I suppose the world is so full of instant gratification seekers and attainers that the diligence it takes to write a letter or draw is now lost.  web.TahananMaquetteWLuke.TAD_3After all there is a font that can produce your words in longhand and you can always reproduce a landscape into a drawing using an “app”. web.TahananMaquetteWLuke.TAD2. Anyway now that I am ranting I will go to my journal and write about the work and for now show you the visuals that I created for the Contruct/s exhibition at Seattle’s “The Luke” that will be up for a year.  Wow that gives me some time…


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